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Exchange Rates

June 14, 2022

American Dollar 3.446 0.17%
Euro 3.594 -0.13%
Jordanian Dinar 4.860 0.17%
British Pound 4.172 -0.51%
Swiss Franc 3.466 0.12%
100 Japanese Yen 2.567 0.40%

Data courtesy of Bank of Israes

The "Way to Wadi Ara" website

The "Way to Wadi Ara" website was founded by the AlMuntada AlTakadumi association in order to increase the awareness to and the knowledge of the Wadi Ara region among residents of Israel, as well as among tourists. The site attempt to achieve that by publishing a local businesses directory, and by providing information about the area, including recreation sites, historical sites, and more.

We hope that the publications and information provided by the site will attract visitors to the area, which will help in improving the local economy.

The website contains a classified business directory, which already includes over 1000 local businesses. Searching and browsing the directory, as well as publishing businesses, is free of charge.

Additionally, the site attempts to provide information and useful tools. For example, the site provides a review of on-line dictionaries, and provided references to recommended on-line dictionaries for translating between the languages Arabic, Hebrew and English.

the library

The earnings made from advertising on the site will go back to the local community via the variety of activities provided by the AlMuntada AlTakadumi association, which includes the services of the New Library, Chess courses, and other activities.